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Facebook – Thank you for helping us

Thank you for helping us share our new page! We are excited to announce our 2 winners each receiving a 1 Hour Massage are Tiffany Aguilera-Carter and Brenda Bloker Anderson. Congratulations, call us this week to set up your FREE massage!


Facebook – OSMT is looking for a

OSMT is looking for a part-time administrative assistant to work the front desk. The hours needing covered are Fridays 3-7:30pm and Saturdays 8-5:30pm. Please private message or call us at 402-331-3694 for more information.


Facebook – We would like to thank

We would like to thank all the client’s that have visited us on our first week in our new location. We are booking out to next week already, so call 402.331.3694 to schedule your appointment soon! Read more


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Our program focus is to teach and encourage natural and holistic health through massage and bodywork along with complimentary alternative therapies. Instruction provides a thorough working knowledge of various therapeutic massage and bodywork techniques, function/structure of the human body, and development of professional habits.

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Apr 6 20

Facebook - Even when you're typing

Even when you’re typing away from your laptop indoors, you shouldn’t shy away from wearing sunscreen. Even though glass protects against many harmful UV rays, it does so unevenly. Getting in a habit of applying sunscreen will protect your skin from burning as well as early aging. Read more

Apr 3 20

Facebook - An often overlooked area of

An often overlooked area of the body during traditional massages are the hands. After a long week of typing on your computer, a hand massage can be just the thing you need. Read more

Apr 2 20

Facebook - When you're feeling a

When you’re feeling a little overwhelmed, don’t forget to breath. Take a 15-minute break from work, go to a peaceful spot in your home, and slowly breathe in and out. Focusing on your physical and emotional health couldn’t be more important, so let us know if we can help. Read more