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Our program focus is to teach and encourage natural and holistic health through massage and bodywork along with complimentary alternative therapies. Instruction provides a thorough working knowledge of various therapeutic massage and bodywork techniques, function/structure of the human body, and development of professional habits.

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Oct 9 18

Facebook - Do these rainy days get

Do these rainy days get you down? Let us help boost your spirits with a massage! Schedule your appointment online or give us a call 402-331-3694. Read more

Oct 1 18

Facebook - What is better than getting

What is better than getting a massage on a rainy day? The answer is nothing! We still have appointments available today and the rest of this week, so schedule your appointment asap. Read more

Sep 24 18

Facebook - Now available – Myofascial Release (MFR)

Now available – Myofascial Release (MFR) with Douglas Lee-Regier, MA, LMT A session with Douglas can provide deep, long lasting relief from muscle soreness, stress, and “feeling out of balance.” Myofascial Release is like a massage but different. It’s a gentle type of work that’s done with no oils and very little …