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Cupping & Gua Sha with Renée Osborne R.TCMP R.Ac CTCMPAO NCBTMB Provider CLASS is FULL

Date(s) - July 8, 2023 - July 9, 2023
9:00 am - 6:00 pm

Day 1 – Cupping & Gua Sha Level 1 (No prerequisite) 8 CE hours

  • Foundations of cupping & Gua Sha – History, use, functions, purposes, types of cupping
  • Proper sanitation & care of tools & location for maintaining clean technique
  • Basic five element theory – specific acu-points for cupping, location and uses
  • Application & indications of stationary and moving/ massage cupping
  • Myofascial – Trigger points for every muscle (except abdominals)
  • Client evaluation & Contraindications

There will be a theory, demonstration and practical components of this course where participants will perform cupping on one another to perfect proper technique and knowledge.

Cost = $350.00 which includes a supply kit.

Supply kit includes: 24 pc pump style cupping set, 4pc silicone cupping set, 2 pc glass cupping set and tools, 2 Gua Sha tolls (bullhorn & porcelain), book and diagram.


Day 2 – Cosmetic Cupping & Gua Sha (Cupping / Gua Sha Level 1 Prerequisite) 8 CE hours

  • Facial, shoulder and neck massage
  • Application of cosmetic cupping & Gua Sha – face and body
  • Cellulite treatment/ reduction. Improving skin quality, color & tone
  • Treatments for particular conditions and problem areas
  • Weight loss, Body toning, lip enhancement & Breast enhancement


Cost = $350.00 which includes a supply kit.

Supply kit includes: 7 pc cupping set – face and body cups (4 pc for face & 3 pc special body cups), 2 jade Gua Sha tools for face, 1 jade Gua Sha tool for body, package of body magnets (for acupoint activation), book and diagram.


This event is fully booked.