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Structural Dynamics: Pelvis, Upper legs and Lumbar Spine with Ann and Lynn Teachworth

Date(s) - August 16, 2024 - August 18, 2024
9:00 am - 5:30 pm

21 CE hours

Course Description:

This course uses the Structural Dynamics approach to explore the dynamics of the pelvis, upper legs, and lumbar spine.

The pelvis contains our center of gravity and is the fulcrum between the three longest levers in the body – functionally and structurally the pelvis is central to the body. A small deviation, tilt, or rotation leads to compensations in the skeletal and myofascial systems throughout the body.

Most structural and functional issues start at or at least run through the pelvis so it is a great place to start in unwinding restriction and restoring dynamic motion and alignment.

Structural Dynamics moves beyond protocols for relaxing someone on a table or creating static postural alignment. We utilize hands on functional and myofascial release, embodied anatomical study with the Franklin Method®, and functional movement to help you fully understand and work
with the functional and structural dynamics of the body. Learn to apply your structural work more efficiently to create lasting functional results.

Lynn and Ann Teachworth integrate their combined 40+ years of expertise in structural integration, functional biomechanics, and energy work to help make good therapists great.

Cost: $545.00 early bird price if registered before July 19, 2024. $595.00 after.

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